Link Building Service and The Importance of Backlinks For SEO!

Since the penguin update, back links have become one of the most important facets of search engine optimization. They are now considered to e the building blocks of good SEO.

Also known as inbound links, backlinks are links that direct traffic from other websites to our own. Google uses them as an indicator of the popularity and therefore, importance of a websites. As a result, websites with healthy numbers of inbound links from reputable authority sites tend to get a higher Page Rank than those that do not.

Search engines use similarities in content between linked sites to determine the quality of an inbound link. When back links to your websites come from other sites whose content is related to yours, the inbounds links are considered to be very relevant to your website.

Google normally take some time before adding new websites or web pages to their index. This is because the search bots or spiders that crawl the internet indexing new content move from one website to another via inbound and outbound links. By creating tons of high pagerank backlinks, you will be opening up your website making it easier to get found by search bots. Google will also prioritize your website if you have many quality backlinks. Content on a website with good backlinks often gets indexed within seconds.

Another important reason to build inbound links is to direct people to your sites. Backlinks don’t just make it easier for search bots to find your content, but also web users. Creating a site without back links is like having a small office in a big city and expecting customers to find you without giving them directions.

It’s important to keep in mind that there are good backlinks and bad backlinks. Good backlinks are vital if you want your website to get a high page rank on Google and other internet search providers. On the other hand, bad backlinks are often ignored when determining page rank. Worse, your website can be de-indexed or punished for spam inbound links.

So what is a good back link?

A high quality inbound link should come from an authority websites whose content is related to the site being linked to (Authority sites has high PageRank). For example, if you sell skin care products, backlinks from well known skin care blogs will have a greater effect on your SEO than a random one from a website that covers tactical weapons. You can painstakingly build your own backlinks or let a SEO specialist or link builders (link building service) find the keywords, anchor text and relevant, high authority websites to get backlinks to your website.

Here’s our list of backlink services:

EDU Backlinks
Highly sought after EDU backlinks to help push your site up in search rankings, especially Google. You know you need these types of links and we will deliver them to you. This is a great package if you already have some backlinks pointing to your site, and need that extra edge of authority EDU backlinks which your competitors probably do not have. Often times, this is the missing piece of the puzzle for a healthy and natural backlinks mix.

Once you get your links you can even build links to them or bookmark them for indexing as well as higher PR and page strength.

Link Pyramid
Our Link Pyramids are Panda and Penguin friendly – taking into account the various new rules for the off-site backlinking. Our Link Pyramid service has evolved over the past years and our strategies around creating them have been perfected as part of our internal initiative in keeping up to date with the latest techniques in the SEO world.

Backlinks have to be the most important part of building and advertising a website. With this link Pyramid you will see an increase in search engine position. In fact using this method we have got 100s of sites in the top 10!

Link Wheel 
A link wheel involves creating several layers of web properties in-between the site they intend to rank. This usually includes Web 2.0 properties, blogs, misc. web pages, forum profiles and social media sites, etc. These properties are all created and linked to a specific page, which in turn links back to either another page or the site you are trying to rank.

Link wheels are powerful because the search engines know that popular sites (the ones they want to rank) have small communities of websites based around them linking to each other and also linking back to the main site. It follows the Internet’s natural linking pattern and has been proven to be one of the best link building strategies employed by the best SEO companies.

Profile Backlinks
We offer a cost effective way of increasing your search rank for a desired keyword or phrase. If you need that extra push to get your site into Google’s top five search engine results, then you have come to the right place. All of our profile backlinks are generated using modern automated small software. The profiles are generated and then we verify that the link is live. Once the links are live, you have the option of allowing Google to find them naturally or you can ping each link so Google will crawl them quicker.

Our database of thousand of white hat websites will give backlinks from profiles & forums on do-follow sites to any sites you choose. You would receive all the logins to the profiles so you can edit/change the links at a later date.

WIKI Backlinks
Wiki sites are loved by search engines, such as Google. These are not article directories or forum profiles but sites that have the function of providing user generated information. Wiki Backlinks come from Wiki Site article submission (similar to Google is giving huge authority to these links.

Our Wiki backlinks give you the all-in-one backlink solution as you get diversified flow of backlinks which includes edu, gov, wiki links, contextual links in niche related articles, thousands of C-Class IP links and not ONLY a few like most provide.